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In a nutshell, as a Brand Ambassador you get paid to be the face of the company for that event, and on average most companies will pay $20hr (this rate may vary based on the city). The majority of the time you’re not working for the company you’re representing directly, but you’re working as an independent contractor for a staffing or a marketing agency.

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What would the Gospel of Jesus be like if we could only experience it through food? Think about it. We experience Jesus’ message through TV, film, music, dance, various forms of art and so many other elements of culture, so… Continue Reading →

Plurality Nation: The Possibility of No Racial or Ethnic Majority

The U.S. Census Bureau is projecting a very diverse population in the years ahead. In its latest analysis, it forecasts that by 2044 the U.S. will become a plurality nation. The bureau explains “while the non-Hispanic White alone population will… Continue Reading →

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4 Things to Understand About Refugees

The recent Paris attacks have raised concerns regarding whether it’s safe for countries to take in Syrian refugees. Many U.S. lawmakers are proposing to stop resettling Syrian refugees in the U.S. out of fear they may be terrorists.  However, it’s… Continue Reading →

Loving the Lord with all your Mind

Hispanic churches across the United States are making sure students are ready for the new school year. They’re celebrating “Education Sunday” on Sept. 6. The annual event, hosted by the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, takes place the first Sunday… Continue Reading →

Wasted Talent and Americans’ Hard Earned Money Down the Drain

As our nation gears up for the 2016 presidential election season, one topic that still remains unresolved is immigration A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 72% of Americans support granting legal status to undocumented immigrants if… Continue Reading →

Italian Church Responds to Migrant Crisis in the Mediterranean

Thousands of migrants from Africa and the Middle East are embarking on deadly journeys on a weekly basis from the coasts of Libya and Tunisia hoping to reach the European continent in search of a safer and better future. Most… Continue Reading →

To Race or Not to Race? That Is the Question!

This month Starbucks launched the Race Together campaign, an initiative to encourage conversations about race around the nation. The first phase of their campaign involved asking baristas at more than 10,000 Starbucks locations in the United States to put a sticker with… Continue Reading →

Dear World: #AllLivesMatter

This week’s shooting of 3 young Muslims in Chapel Hill, North Carolina has not gotten all the media coverage it deserves. There, I said it. But there’s nothing brilliant or brave about my statement. Thousands of people have taken to… Continue Reading →

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